CEO Transport uses one of the most advanced Transport Management Software Systems!  What does this Technology help us offer our clients:

  • Clients can self serve,   you can add your own shipments and assign to us with pinpoint locations!
  • You can Live Track your Shipment from Pick up to Delivery!
  • You will receive a hard copy POD of your Shipment Live from the Field,   the moment your shipment is delivered,   our drivers will .pdf scan a hard copy for you to access!
  • You will receive your invoices live the moment we add the cost,   no more surprise bills at the end of the month!
  • All your POD's, Invoices etc will be stored in one easy place for you to access from anyplace at anytime!
  • You will love the simplicity of adding shipments to our online system!
  • You don't have to call us to find out how far your truck is from any location!
  • You can even add other carriers to this platform and have all your carriers information in one place!